Standard Submissions:

Submissions will be accepted during our reading period, September 1st to May 1st. We do not read over the summer, so submissions submitted around this time will take longer to get around to.

Manuscripts must be previously unpublished and should be typed, with standard 1" margins and size 12 Times New Roman font.  Short fiction submissions should be double-spaced.

We consider short stories with a maximum of 30 pages.  Anything above this limit will be automatically declined.

We consider up to 5 poems with a combined 15 page maximum.  

Simultaneous submissions are welcome as long as you notify us of publication elsewhere. 

Submissions should include a cover-letter complete with contact information and the name(s) of your story or poem(s). 

Contest Submissions:

Submitters for the Phyllis Smart-Young Prize in poetry are to adhere to the same standards as above, barring the 5-poem maximum. Submissions to be considered for the Phyllis Smart-Young Prize should be exactly three poems, no fewer and no more, with a maximum length of 15 pages.

Submitters for the Chris O'Malley prize in fiction are to follow the same standards as listed above.

Unfortunately we will not be hosting our two contests this year due to COVID complications, but our standard submissions are still open to everyone! We will have our contests back up and running next year.


A note on the submission fee:  

Although we hate the idea of further burdening penniless poets, we have decided to charge two dollars per submission. Rest assured, the change we'll be collecting (about what you would have spent on postage) will be put to good use. Thanks for understanding.



Art submissions should be submitted through the new art folder. Please read all guidelines under category. Please include a cover letter.



The Madison Review annually hosts the Phyllis Smart-Young Prize in Poetry and the Chris O'Malley Prize in Fiction. The finest unpublished short story (30 page max), and the finest group of three unpublished poems will be awarded $1,000 with publication in the issue of The Madison Review.  

The Madison Review accepts contest submissions from November 1, 2019 to January 1, 2020.  

Writers may submit one entry per genre (one short story and/or group of three poems). Updates on the contests can be found on our blog and our Twitter feed

Please see the Madsion Review website for more information.

-Please submit all work in either PDF, TIFF, JPG, or PNG formats
-Please submit 3-5 pieces per submission
-You may submit unlimited amount of submissions. However, each submission's pieces must be unique in that they follow a holistic idea of framing an entire issue. This means, at a minimum, each issue has both a front and back cover art that complement/contrast in an artistic way, with the possibility of inside art sleeves being included as well. 
-Keep in mind that your work, if not declined, it is subject to consideration for future issues as well. 
-You may withdraw your work at any time
-All work must be in the format of either JPG, TIff, PNG or 
-If you have any further questions about formatting or submitting, feel free to email us at:
-Please submit a short cover leter
-If desired, feel free to include a link to a website with other work if you care for us to peruse

Previously unpublished fiction, typed, double-spaced, with standard 1" margins.

Previously unpublished poetry, typed, with standard 1" margins.  Up to 5 poems with 15 pages combined maximum. We do not accept translations of other authors' work or previously published work.

The Madison Review